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The pine barrens is pretty clear of snow now and that's a good thing because driving on sand roads even without snow is bad enough. Had some geocaching adventures today in the pine barrens. (Wharton State Forest, Penn State Forest, Bass River State Forest) Found 12 caches and met a geocacher on the trail.

Also noticed that the Lebanon State Forest has been renamed to the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. He's a former governor. I guess he needs something else now that the sports arena has taken on the name of an airline.

Snow Toys
Green Acres preserve in Westfield. The dirt/gravel road going straight into the park is labeled as Fanwood Ave on my map but that's apparently a walking path now.

Leave it to the Beavers
Stafford Forge WMA in West Creek. A drive and dash cache. Dirt road was manageable today but someone has gotten stuck there before, according to the online logs.

Edwin B Forsythe wildlife area
Near the shore. We need to be a bit more specific with the name of the cache. The Edwin B Forsythe Wildlife Area is enormous and has many entrances from US-9.

From the Shop
Bass River State Forest. Followed the dirt roads and was able to drive close enough to the cache, which is near the famous Batona Trail. I'm not sure this dirt road is okay for driving as it is only wide enough for one vehicle and it doesn't look all that flat. But my car made it to the turnaround spot so that was good enough.

1870-1873 Hermann City R.I.P.
Mysterious lost town. Ruins, etc. I think "Hermann Hotel" is a better name for this cache. That's the name written on the cache lid.

Sibbel's at Rest
A tombstone in a town park. Fancy that. This is the original burial site and according to the inscription, the tombstone has been restored.

What the heck is this place?
I guess the rectangular depressions in the ground are where the building foundations used to be but really, that could be anything. Also found a deer skin in the ditch.

Joe Mulliner Caught at Washington Tavern
Joe Mulliner was a wanted criminal in the heyday of the pine barrens, back when all these locations were bog-iron and glass industry boomtowns. There still are lots of ruins in the pines. And as a plus, the old roads are still drivable as sand roads.

Eagle Tavern of 1799
Another tavern. Boy, they sure had lots of taverns in those days. This is a bit more tricky of a hide but I found it by luck. Then the two dogs came down from the house on top of the hill. They didn't bite but they sure barked and howled a lot.

Alloway's Rock
Interesting memorial for a famous family who lived in the pine barrens.

Bear Swamp Booty
Bear Swamp Hill in Penn State Forest. LONG drive on a bumpy sand road to get there but then again, I came in from Chatsworth Road. Didn't know there was another way in from Jenkins Road. (probably just as long of a drive)

Bear Swamp Hill "Landing Gear"
Met rfensty on the way to this cache so it was a team effort. Didn't see any way to get to the cache without going through a lot of thorny brush but that's the way it goes.


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