Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Dover / Camden

Sunny and 55°F. Compared to last week, this is rather Summer-like weather. Went geocaching down in the Dover/Camden area with some stops in Townsend and Smyrna along the way. Also got some errands done: Dropped off the tree branches at the yard waste collection center on US-13, got another week's supply of bread at the Wonder-Hostess bakery outlet in Cheswold, and shopped the Big Lots in Dover. (Didn't get the specific item I was looking for but there were other useful things there.)

Since the weather was a bit warmer, we took on some of the more substantive geocaches, the ones requiring either longer walks or more searching. There were a few today that did take a while to find, although not for any good reason in retrospect. "goin' a little nuts...#1" shouldn't be a challenge to anyone with experience with this kind of hide but the way it was placed combined with soft coordinates just puts a whammy on you. "Watch out for Trolls" - Made a bad assumption on this one and only realized my mistake after reading online logs on my cell phone.

Tags: big lots, delaware, dover, geocaching, wonder bakery outlet, yard waste
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