Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware City

Sunny and 48°F. Since the weather was good this afternoon, we went for a bunch of geocaches in the Delaware City area. I especially wanted to tackle a few difficult ones just for the sake of clearing out the area.

yay is rated 4 stars for terrain. When I got there, I saw that even though it was only 150 feet from the road, it was down a steep slope. It wasn't that bad though. After studying the area for a bit, I saw a possible sane approach down and that was good enough. The Deer Made Me Do It! is rated 3.5 stars for terrain. I suspect that it once required climbing a tree but some time during the 2 years since the cache was placed, the tree fell down so it's now not quite as physically demanding.

Nothing too hard about Cache Emplacement. It's just a loop hike on a flat soggy/muddy trail. Red Lion -Delaware C.A.C.H.E.-Hundred had a bit of rough terrain but again, it wasn't too difficult provided one can handle a sandy slope and some brush. And finally, McKenzie's Cache was the quick downtown sidewalk cache of the bunch.

Then came the grocery shopping portion of the trip. I wanted to use a reward coupon from a Pathmark receipt. It was $2 off a deli purchase. Here's where different people at the supermarket gave me different answers. The question was whether fried chicken from the deli counted as a deli purchase. One of the cashiers said no but the staff at the customer service desk said yes. So I used the self-checkout next to the customer service desk and let them take care of the coupon code entry. No problem that way.
Tags: delaware, delaware city, geocaching, pathmark

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