Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

C&D Canal, Port Penn

Sunny and 45°F. After completing one errand at the post office, we hit a few geocaches along the south bank of the C&D Canal. The first challenge was to find a way to the canal road because it appeared that some of the cross roads had been blocked off and the canal road itself was not on my GPS map. Finally got in via a dead end road in St Georges. After doing 3 geocaches near the canal, we went to Port Penn for a few more geocaches before heading to Middletown for dinner.

Stopped at Super Fresh on the way home to shop the clearance rack. It was disconcerting to hear an argument between employees in the front of the supermarket. Employee morale was dropping like a rock, it seemed.

Tags: c&d canal, delaware, geocaching, super fresh

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