Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Interviews, Evernote import, weight script, and replacement phones

It's been a busy two days or so. On Friday, I had a phone interview with another small software company in Newark. Funny, I thought I submitted my resume back at the start of December but nothing happened until this week. Didn't screw up too badly, I guess, because they want me for another interview next week. I also did a test assignment for a company in the Philadelphia area. It's a programming exercise in C#. C# and .NET are not at the top of my competency list but I've done enough to know my way around.

Once I got those out of the way, I did a bit more work on my side projects. I posted the Evernote bookmarks import script. It's not a lot of code but most of the work went into handling errors from the Evernote API.

I also wrote a Perl script to log my daily weigh-ins to Google Spreadsheet. It was a short and sweet bit of coding once I managed to install the Net::Google::Spreadsheets module and its hundreds of prerequisites and prerequisites of prerequisites. Don't get me wrong. That module works very well. It just seems to require half of CPAN to be installed. :) Anyway, this script will take the place of the Daily Diary weight loss question once I've moved my data over to Google Spreadsheets.

The two spare phones arrived in the mail this afternoon. Yes, two. After I got one for around $20 at eBay, I noticed that I could get another one for $11, so I did. Then it took less than a week from payment to delivery, which is not bad.
Tags: career, cell phones, delicious, ebay, evernote, google spreadsheet, interview, jobs, perl

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