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Cloudy and 35-41°F. A tiny bit of snow and rain. Headed northwest along Route 41 and found geocaches in Hockessin, Avondale, West Grove, and Oxford. Most of the areas covered today were either suburban or rural, although there was a bit of downtown area in Oxford.

Wish the weather was better for photography. There were a number of interesting cache sites, such as the covered bridge at "humm.. where are we again?" The bridge was also as dusty as my attic, as my jacket can attest. A few geocaches were on private property but placed with the consent of people inside. At "Flowers Are Bloomin' In Oxford" and "New Garden Township Family Cache", they actually came out and asked if we found the cache. Dinner was at Burger King in Oxford since the last cache was within sight of the restaurant and I still had a BK coupon book. Then we headed back down on Route 896 to Newark and then home.

No Hogs Here (Pennsylvania )
Flowers Are Bloomin' In Oxford (Pennsylvania )
poohbear's naborhood (Pennsylvania )
Moving Up In Oxford! (Pennsylvania )
O Town Memories 2 (Pennsylvania )
Hitching Post (Pennsylvania )
"friends" come together (Pennsylvania )
humm.. where are we again? (Pennsylvania )
Big Elk Creek Crossing (Pennsylvania )
Hosanna (Pennsylvania )
ET's PVC TB Hotel (Pennsylvania )
Light the way (Pennsylvania )
St. John Rising (Pennsylvania )
Old Academy (Pennsylvania )
Graveyard #3 (Pennsylvania )
Not 1 to By-Pass (Pennsylvania )
West Grove Harmony (Pennsylvania )
Sarah's first hide (Pennsylvania )
Hang 'em High, Hang 'em Lowe (Pennsylvania )
Not a Green Wall in Sight (Pennsylvania )
"New Garden" Township Family Cache (Pennsylvania )
DELA-WHO? (Delaware )
4Ever in a Corner (Delaware )
Elsie's Cache Break (Delaware )

Tags: delaware, geocaching, pennsylvania
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