Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Sunny and 22-28°F. Felt like a very cold day because of the wind. This was as much a shopping trip as it was a caching trip. There was no bread left in the house so a quick stop at the Wonder Bakery Outlet in Cheswold was in order. Also went to Big Lots in Dover to use a mailing list coupon. And finally, we stopped at Acme supermarket. This was completely unplanned because we just happened to see an Acme on the way back from Dover. Didn't even have a store card but that turned out not to be necessary for the special we wanted.

As for the geocaches, I cherry-picked some short walks so as not to be out in the cold for too long. "HANG'N HIGH" turned out to be pretty challenging though. Although it's near a strip mall, it's in a swamp. I tried entering the woods from several different directions before I found an approach that avoided most of the water.

Tags: acme, big lots, camden, delaware, dover, geocaching, kent county, wonder bakery outlet
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