Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delaware Furbowl 12.5

It snowed today but by my estimation, the snowfall was less than 3 inches around here. So I brushed the snow off the car, shoveled the driveway, and headed out to Delaware Furbowl 12.5. I was rather scatterbrained this evening but somehow, everything worked out okay. While driving up the snow-covered Route 141, I realized that I'd forgotten to pack a pair of shorts. What to do? Turn around? Well, no, I just picked up a pair at the Walmart on Centerville Rd. By chance, the kind that I use was on clearance too. Better remember to pack these the next time though. I was under the impression that I could remember everything without a packing list but I'm older now and little things slip my mind with greater frequency now.

Arrived at Charcoal Pit more or less on time. The group was early this time and had already set themselves up in the restaurant's party room. Someone else (Zepher?) ordered the pit supreme nachos and I saw that it was big enough to eat as an entree, so that's what I ordered too. It's so good that I may just have to get it again next month. Due to some problems with the split checks, we were a bit delayed after dinner but finally, we all made it to AMF Price Lanes for the bowling part of the meet.

There, we got to a bit of a late start so we didn't actually finish the two sets. I bowled in fursuit. (husky fursuit this time. The raccoon was already at bowling meet in October, so I figured I'd bring a different suit this time.) Lousily, as usual. I seemed to hit either most of the pins or nothing at all. Got a strike once, although I think it was by chance. Important thing is it was fun. In between games, we stopped for a photoshoot. Then we continued into the second game until the bowling alley closed for the night. By that time, the snow had stopped. The roads weren't so bad. Route 141 was merely wet, not snow-covered.
Tags: bowling, charcoal pit, furmeet, fursuit

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