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South Jersey Cache Dash, Day 2

Today, I went to Cumberland County and wandered around the stubby bottom of New Jersey picking up geocaches. Got 10 today even though I started late. #2
Union Lake in Millville. I could drive most of the way to it on a dirt road so the topo map is correct.

In the Peasly WMA. You are in a maze of twisty dirt roads, all alike. Very unusual area with lots of dirt roads arranged in blocks. I didn't think it was that difficult to navigate though as only a few main dirt roads are passable.

Secluded Pond
Nice pond. Tricky hiding technique but I've seen that before.

Muskrat Crossing
Easy walk to the cache except for the trees getting in the way. You can see the obvious approach on the topo map.

Bridge to NoWhere 2
Nice park in Mauricetown. Also historic.

Holly Swamp
What WMA is this? Quick and easy cache even though it was swampy at the cache location. (And the holly is prickly.)

Five Brothers
Pickle Pond in the Belleplain State Forest. Another easy cache but I had to bring it further into the park because there were lots of people in the parking area and the cache was mere feet from parking.

Artsy Fartsy
Rails to trails area in Dennisville. Another easy cache and short walk.

2-D Caching
Jake's Landing in Belleplain State Forest. Novel approach to caching. There's no log book but you must get the finder code and report it.

The Other One
PSE&G Wetlands Restoration area in Port Norris. Also a finder's code cache like the previous one. Port Norris is a sleepy town. They have a convenience store and a pizza place but that's about it.

I think I found lowen_kind's Wawa store in Malaga. Stopped there for gas and dinner on the way home this evening. He wasn't there but I don't think it was his shift.

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