Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Newark, Marshallton, Mill Creek

Cloudy and 36°F. Whether or not the groundhog saw its shadow, I sure didn't see mine! Did some local geocaching within about 10 miles from home today. Got two new geocaches and then went for a bunch of older geocaches that I never took the time to do before. All of those were butt-kicking in one way or other. Some of the caches required crossing creeks, while others didn't but I happened to approach from the wrong side and had to cross the partially-frozen creek anyway. "IRON-MAN" was the toughest of the lot because it was in the midst of thorny bramble and I didn't see the vague trail until I was on my way out. "The Old Multi" should've been easy once I did all the waypoint projections on my GPS but a bird had built a nest in front of it, thus hiding it a lot better. Then when I got the cache, I found that it had rusted shut and I needed tools from the car to get it open.

Decided not to go for Taco Tuesday at Don Pablo's (even though "The Don is Dead" was on the hill behind this restaurant) since I still had the BK coupon book. I'll save the tacos for when there aren't any other specials.

Up until recently, I'd been using cash to buy gas so I never knew what problems could result from gas pump credit card readers. I started using pay at the pump because I received a prepaid card from the washing machine rebate. This afternoon, I used the card to buy gas at Wawa in Marshallton. The card didn't work later in the day. When I got back, I checked the account to find out why. It appears that the gas pump failed to close the transaction so there was still a pending charge on the full value of the card! One of two things could happen. Either the system corrects the problem, releases the pending charge, and charges the card for the correct amount, or in 7 days, the pending charge will get voided automatically. (which would mean free gas, I suppose) Either way though, that's annoying.

Tags: burger king, delaware, don pablos, geocaching, rebate card, wawa

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