Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Hockessin and Cici's

Sunny and 37-40°F. Went geocaching up Route 7 towards Hockessin. It snowed the night before so I was wondering if some of the caches would be more difficult to find. Some areas, like this walking path behind an upscale townhouse neighborhood, were still covered in snow but snow in other areas had mostly melted by the afternoon. Most of today's geocaches were easy. "Mill Creek Meeting" did take some thinking and a careful reading of past logs to find. "DE-sperate Housewives #8 - Puking Pink Pooch" was the funniest cache of the lot. It was near a veterinary hospital and the cache was inside a pet carrier with a doggie bowl.

At the end of the day, we went to Cici's Pizza in Newark to try the pizza buffet. I knew about this restaurant but I waited until I had Cici's coupons from the Sunday newspaper before going there. The place was very busy! Apparently, there was a special today -- a dollar off adult buffets. From reading online reviews of Cici's, I had very low expectations of the food, so it surprised me when the pizza wasn't all bad. I liked the apple cinnamon, chicken alfredo, mushroom, and mac and cheese pizzas. Dessert wasn't bad either. I tried everything, including the pasta, salad, and soup, and it was definitely worth the $3.33 per person (special price plus coupon) tonight.

Tags: cici's pizza, delaware, geocaching

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