Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Potsticker, security deposit, and the end of Shoppers' Hotline

Went out just before tonight's snow to get two quick geocaches in Newark. The first one was SUMTHIN ON A potSTICKer II at a strip mall on Churchmans Road. Not surprisingly, it's near Potsticker, a Chinese restaurant. I've found "Something on a stick", a previous cache by the same cache hider, so I knew what to expect but this one was funnier. The second one, Winter Friendly Cache-Vermont style, was at a strip mall a bit north of Newark. It's placed in such a way that it can be found even with deep snow in the area, i.e. high above the ground. The irony is there was actually a snow-free circle around the cache site tonight. Not for long though. The snow has started again.

The landlord returned my security deposit, minus a few hundred for repairs, a few days ago. It took one and a half months after I moved out and a few reminders from me, but I'm glad I got the money back.

The Shoppers' Hotline consumer research panel ended early this month because they're moving on and forming a new consumer panel with the Nielsen Company. (I was invited to join this one too.) I was somewhat skeptical about Shoppers' Hotline in the beginning but stuck with it and they turned out to be okay. The payout was decent for just a few minutes of work a week submitting data on grocery purchases. Anyway, I've cashed out my reward points. Only the points from the last two or so weeks remain because those aren't enough to redeem for rewards. Oh, well. I'll just let them have those.
Tags: apartment, delaware, geocaching, newark, shoppers hotline

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