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Miscellaneous Monday

Had a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's in the Paramus Park Mall this evening. That was good.

According to tjcoyote, my interview on gas price spotting and New Jersey Gas Prices with CBS News was aired on Sunday. Cool! The phone interview was nearly half an hour in length but given the newsradio format, I think they used at most one or two lines. But hey, it's something.

Lunacon in Rye Brook, NY is this coming weekend. The NJ Cachers Get Together is on Sunday. So there's a conflict. But I think that's okay because I don't necessarily have to go to Lunacon on both days. Actually, I'm not sure if anyone I know is going to Lunacon. I'll have to ask.

High temperatures were near 70°F today! T-shirt weather all of a sudden. The weather was perfectly fine outside but they didn't have the air conditioning up and running at work yet. Oi!
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