Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Buzzing around in the winter wonderland

There was another snowstorm today. It snowed all day so I'm not going to shovel out the driveway until tomorrow morning. Garbage collection has been postponed too but I don't suppose that's a problem as long as it remains frozen out there.

On the whole, it didn't seem like a day when I accomplished very much. Google Buzz landed in my Gmail account this morning so I checked it out. It's pretty much a clone of FriendFeed, except that it has a messier interface and brings in your Gmail contacts list by default. (What happened to opt-in?) The feed aggregation and comment/like features in Buzz aren't anything new to me as I've used those on FriendFeed for almost 2 years now. The sad part is Buzz, warts and all, will likely kill FriendFeed simply because it's from Google, while the latter is comparatively unknown. And so it goes.

Two ideas that didn't work after all: First, although the daily weigh-ins script worked perfectly, I found that after I imported my weight data from DailyDiary to Google Spreadsheet, the spreadsheet was so unbearably slow that it was unusable. I don't think Google Spreadsheet was really built to handle a spreadsheet with 1500 rows. So I'm sticking with DailyDiary for now.

Second, the TD Bank debit card promotion was a no-go when I tried it at Pathmark. It seems the self-checkout machine recognizes the bank card as a debit card and makes it a PIN-based transaction even if I select "credit" when paying for the groceries. I understand why Pathmark would do this -- merchant fees are higher on signature-based transactions than on PIN-based transactions -- but that disqualifies my purchase because the TD Bank cashback promotion applies only to signature-based transactions. Oh well.
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