Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Chinese New Year

Philadelphia Chinatown Sunny and 36°F. We thought it would be a good idea to go to Philadelphia Chinatown since it was Chinese New Year. Tried looking for some geocaches in the city on the way to Chinatown. The biggest stumbling block was not the geocaches themselves but finding parking. Streets in Philly were still a mess from the recent snowstorm and the street parking situation was pretty bad. There were still two geocaches I could do because those were near free parking lots. After giving up on street parking, we went to the PPA garage next to Independence Visitors Center to take advantage of the 4-hour free parking special. That was very convenient because there was a geocache, "Teaching the Travelers", right in the visitors center.

After leaving the visitors center, we walked a few blocks over to Jewelers' Row for the "Egyptian Jewels" cache. The GPS pointed to the wrong place. As we were poking at the snow pile, one of the jewelers came out of his store and told us where it was. Always great to get unexpected help. Then, without further ado, we went to the Chinatown area to shop for Asian groceries. (vegetables, sesame oil, soy milk, curry powder, and a few other items) Then we had a late lunch of curry mee with young tofu, java mee, and oyster omelette at Penang. We noticed another Malaysian restaurant nearby on Arch St., so we'll try that on our next visit to the area.

After leaving Chinatown, we went for another geocache on the way back to I-95. Fortunately, "Devil's spit", at the IKEA/Lowe's strip mall, wasn't obstructed in any way despite the 2 feet of snow piled up nearby.

Tags: chinese new year, geocaching, penang, philadelphia, philadelphia chinatown

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