Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DE Geocachers Dinner

Sushi and ice cream Went to the Almost Presidents Day Delaware Geocachers Dinner this evening. It was at East King Buffet in Elsmere. Arrived just before the start time of 6pm and most of the group was there already. There was a bit of a delay in getting the party room ready, so as pre-dinner entertainment, we all headed out to do a new geocache behind the strip mall. That may have caused some consternation among the restaurant people because they thought we were leaving because of the delay. I hope someone stayed back to explain.

I think only a few of us actually programmed the coordinates into our GPSes. The rest followed along. But it was quick anyway. Then we headed back to the restaurant and saw that the party room was ready. I don't think most Chinese buffets are worth the dinner price but this one actually had quite a lot. In addition to chicken, beef, and seafood dishes, they also had a freshly-made sushi and Mongolian BBQ. I didn't get the Mongolian BBQ because there was so much else to try. Maybe I'll try it if they have a event here again another time. As for group activity, there was a 50-50 raffle and a travel bug exchange.
Tags: chinese buffet, east king buffet, geocaching, geocaching event

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