Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Philadelphia and Cici's

Kangaroo Sculptures Sunny and 45-50°F. Went geocaching in Philadelphia this afternoon. This time, we targeted the area to the east of Center City. Had considerably better luck with parking compared to last weekend. I don't know if it was because the snow had melted, revealing more parking spaces, or if it was a Saturday. Only the last 3 geocaches took a bit of driving around to find a parking spot but once I found a parking space near some rowhouses, it was easy to walk to all 3 geocaches in the vicinity of Pennsylvania Hospital.

After that, I took advantage of PPA's free parking deal this weekend to park at the Autopark just one block from Chinatown. Very convenient! Didn't need the full 4 hours of free parking because we knew exactly what we wanted and were done rather quickly. Left Philadelphia and headed back to Delaware for dinner at Cici's Pizza. They were having a $3.99 buffet deal to celebrate their 25th anniversary. I had more pizza than I thought possible. I still think the dessert pizza (cinnamon apple) is pretty good.

Tags: cici's pizza, geocaching, philadelphia, philly chinatown

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