Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Harrington, Milford

Another sunny-and-45°F day. There's been significant snow melt but not quite enough yet in Kent County. At "Kent's Newest", in particular, I was knee-deep in snow once I left the path and entered the woods. That was quite an adventure. The whole area was deep in snow so I had to step on the snow until I saw enough of the outline of a log. By amazing luck, I hit the cache on my first poke through the snow with my walking stick. I was just as lucky at "Little Bit of Sympathy" in Killens Pond State Park. It was another snow-covered area with few visual cues. While thinking about this cache hide, I idly picked at something that was sticking out of the snow and found the cache underneath.

"Zen and the ancient art of geocache design" was the hardest cache of the day even though it happened to be on a snow-free patch of ground. When we got there, there was already another group of geocachers standing at the cache site. They couldn't find the cache either. Seven pairs of eyes didn't see the cache. While we were looking, I came up with an idea that turned out to be correct. We just weren't looking hard enough at first. The other group left. Shortly after that, I checked something that I thought we had already stirred up and found the cache.

Ended the day with a bit of shopping at Big Lots, which was having a special only in the last four hours before closing time. It's almost as though they knew my schedule because that's when I was done geocaching for the day. It's a very dangerous discount store. :)

Tags: big lots, delaware, geocaching, kent county

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