Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cici's again and the new CompUSA

An assortment of slices In the middle of a day of errands, we stopped at Cici's Pizza for lunch and another stab at the $3.99 buffet offer. The time of day really makes a difference at this restaurant! On a weekday afternoon, it wasn't crowded at all. There were no lines at the register or at the buffet table, they didn't keep running out of salad or pizzas, (at least not until I finished those myself :) ) and the dining area ambiance was rather quiet and laid back. Most of the pizzas were repeats from my previous visits but there was one pizza made with jalapeno cheese that I thought was rather good. I liked the BBQ chicken pizza this time and got myself a second helping.

Later, while at the Borders store in Christiana, I saw a new CompUSA just next door. I remember when all the CompUSA stores went out of business in 2007. Those weren't really good stores back in the day (lousy service, somewhat disorganized, and many items were locked up in cabinets) but I shopped there whenever there were interesting free-after-rebate items. Apparently, this computer store chain is getting relaunched. Curious, I went in to take a look. Customer service was rather good. They have a greeter now and I was asked no less than three times if I needed assistance. Granted, on a weekday afternoon, sales help outnumbered customers six to one, so they weren't busy at all. I took a look at a number of items for which I've shopped recently and noticed that their prices were in line with what one might expect at Micro Center, i.e. average, not bargain basement. So they are a reasonable alternative if I don't feel like taking a trip out to Micro Center in St. Davids.
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