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Hidden Pond, egosurfing Google Code Search

Coventry Ridge Park Headed out early this afternoon, ahead of the approaching snowfall, to Coventry Ridge Park in Newark for the Hidden Pond geocache. Access to this park is from the Christiana Mall area, specifically the parking lot behind Don Pablo's. From there, I walked up the grassy embankment to the powerline cut. Followed that path all the way to a man-made pond, where the cache was. Then came the tough part. Although there has been significant snow melt the last few days, the cache site was still blanketed with snow and there were no telltale signs of a cache placement. So I just kept poking at the snow in various places until I found the cache.

The snow didn't start until much later so there was still time for a Pathmark grocery run. Perhaps the best bargain today was the clearance breakfast cereal. It's an off-brand frosted corn flakes cereal that normally sells for $1 per box. It's on sale for 50 cents this week. In addition, the box was a bit beaten up so it was on the clearance rack with a 50%-off sticker, making it a mere 25 cents! Such a deal. It probably would go well with the off-brand chocolate milk I got at Save-A-Lot earlier this week. :)

I use code samples when I work but I look for those using Google's main web search so I completely forgot about Google Code Search. Well, I rediscovered it this evening. Out of curiosity, I entered my name in the search box to see how much of my code Google has indexed. Got some surprising results. Apparently, the tin newsreader now uses message digest code that I wrote back in the 90s. That's pretty neat. Also, a bunch of undergrad students borrowed my Java analog clock code for their CS final project. Hope they got a good grade. :) The remaining search results are not terribly surprising. It's nice to see some short programs that I wrote a long time ago still hanging out on Linux software archives. Google Code Search also has a few of my scripts from old websites that have long since been deleted. If I ever need that code again, I suppose I could just get it back from Google's cached copy.
Tags: coventry ridge park, egosurfing, geocaching, google code search, newark, pathmark

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