Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DE Furbowl 13

DE Furbowl 13 Attended Delaware Furbowl 13 this evening. This is becoming quite a big event. The final attendee count was 102. There were people from as far away as a 3-hour drive and at least 5 states. As usual we started with dinner at Charcoal Pit in Wilmington. We filled up the party room at the restaurant and then some. Just like last month, I had nachos but with chicken instead of beef this time. One thing that worked very well this time was kitt3ns' idea of stopping food orders at 7:45pm to allow the restaurant enough time to prepare separate checks for everyone before we had to leave at 8:30pm to get to the bowling alley.

At the bowling alley, we took 12 lanes! (Lanes 1-12) We hung around for a little while until the whole group got there. Then we paid up and started the game. I wore the raccoon fursuit this time. My lane was rather fast this time. We were already well into the second game when the halftime photoshoot was called. After the photoshoot, we finished the game. I hung around a little while before changing out of fursuit, packing up, and going home. This event goes on until midnight usually, so it's great that I live only 10 minutes away and won't get home too late. In summary, this is the best DE Furbowl I've been to yet. No snow or rain this evening and everything went smoothly. I look forward to DE Furbowl 14 next month.
Tags: amf price lanes, bowling, charcoal pit, furbowl, furmeet, fursuit, mascot
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