Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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House of the Rising Sun

oldrd-3 Went geocaching mostly in Maryland today but with a bit of Pennsylvania and Delaware thrown in for good measure. I thought, judging by my front yard, that the snow would be nearly all gone by now but that was wrong. As soon as I got a little west of Newark, the change in scenery was dramatic. Snow was everywhere! Roads were flanked by walls of snow as high as five feet. That was a little dangerous because in some stretches of Route 896, the snow walls had tumbled out onto the road. It was around 40°F the whole day. There was a bit of snow and rain when we were in Nottingham, PA, but as soon as we arrived in Rising Sun, MD, the sun came out and it was sunny the rest of the afternoon. Hmm... maybe that's more than just a name. :)

We were not the only Delaware geocachers roaming around Rising Sun. At "HOPE you find it", we ran into Minpin. It was funny. They were at the cache site, pretending to hang around there nonchalantly so as not to reveal the cache location to what they thought was non-geocaching traffic passing behind the convenience store. But as soon as they saw my GPS, they went for the cache. They were also at a bunch of other cache sits around Rising Sun but we never ran into them again the rest of the day.

"Maryland Municipal League Geotrail - Rising Sun" was right next to a police station. In fact, it was hidden inside a municipal storage facility. The cache name suggests that it has the blessing of the town but I still had to read all the online logs to be sure that it was okay to poke around there. In the end, it was a straightforward find and nothing bad happened. Someone from the police station was standing by the side door and watching the whole time but didn't say a word. I guess he didn't want to spoil the search. :)

"I 95 Park and Fry" was challenging because of the snow. For this one, however, the place to search was obvious so I got the snow shovel (I bring that everywhere during the winter just in case) from the car and dug out the snow around that spot until I could see enough of the cache to get the cache log out. Saw the Herr's factory (they make potato chips, snacks, etc) near "Old Balto. Pike" but they don't offer factory tours on Sunday.

Tags: geocaching, maryland, rising sun

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