Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wilmington - parking garage and library

View from parking garage Sunny and 65°F. A heat wave! Still had a few geocaches worth shooting for in urban Wilmington so I went for two of those. The first was BYOP: A Higher Version. Like Pico Parking and Seven Stories High, it's on top of a parking garage. This time, however, I did this parking garage cache during the daytime so I was able to photograph some views of Wilmington. It's not actually in the downtown area, so the tall buildings appear at a distance. The parking value is hard to beat: 2 hours free. It's actually for the hospital next door.

Then, I went to Instant Coffee Geocache in the downtown area. This cache is in the Wilmington Public Library. I've seen this kind of cache hide a few times before in other cities so I knew what to expect. Basically, it's a special book that has been hollowed out to turn it into a geocache container and placed on one of the library shelves. You find it using a call number that you get either from the cache page or from a clue somewhere. What's neat about this geocache is it's actually listed in the library catalog. Search for "geocache" to see the catalog record. Of course, it's in the reference section so you can't check it out or make a book request. (Otherwise, I could've requested it for my local library branch and saved the trip into town. :) )
Tags: geocaching, library, wilmington
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