Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five


When was the last time you had a serious deadline to make, and did you make it?
I haven't had many serious deadlines of late. I think the last one was the house settlement date. I had to get the cashier's check ready and the homeowner's insurance ready before that date. Made it with more than 2 weeks to spare, as I recall.

Do you generally plan for deadlines, or are they more likely to sneak up on you until you're frantic?
I worry about those too much.

When did you last set a deadline for someone else, and did that person make it?
Last year, around August. And no. Sadly, no.

How flexible and understanding are you when it comes to other people meeting your deadlines?
Well, I gave them plenty of time and then outed them on Livejournal. So I'd say I'm flexible and understanding until I'm not.

What were the circumstances the last time you hung up on someone in the middle of a phone call, or the last time someone hung up on you in the middle of a phone call?
Telemarketer. I hung up in the middle of his sales pitch.
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