Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Delcastle, Yorklyn, Centreville, Hockessin

Covered Bridge Rainy day. My first idea for today was to go for a new geocache near downtown New Castle but the road was closed due to high water so I abandoned that idea and went to the northwest part of the county instead to cache in Yorklyn and Centreville. That wasn't a bad plan although that walk for 3 geocaches in Delcastle Recreation Area was a bit long for this weather. Ran into Mike Ott at the parking lot for "Where's the Castle, Del?" Then as we were walking towards the cache site, rflester came along. I was wondering how many more geocachers would come by but that was it. It's funny how these chance meetups happen and usually with the same people too.

Tags: centreville, delaware, geocaching, hockessin, yorklyn
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