Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Tax filing and local geocaches

I'd done most of my tax return a week ago. Late last night, I finished it and printed out one package of forms each for Federal and New Jersey State partial year. (The Delaware partial year tax return was the only one I could file online. My Federal return needs documentation that can't be e-filed and H&R Block At Home wasn't letting me e-file the NJ State return either.) Mailed the tax returns this morning at the main post office in town. Then what? A bit of geocaching, of course.

Got a few geocaches in Battery Park, near downtown New Castle. Then swung over to northern Wilmington for two more. Crossed over into Pennsylvania, specifically the towns of Upper Chichester, Boothwyn, and Marcus Hook for the last five. Did some shopping after that. I was wondering why the Borders store in Newark was crowded until I found out that this store was holding a special event in conjunction with the release of the New Moon DVD at midnight. So all those people were hanging around the center of the store for hours, waiting for that.

Got home and saw another tax document in the mail. Ordinarily, this would be annoying because I'd just filed my return but this time, it's not a problem. I noticed that this Schedule K-1 was missing from my pile of forms so I got it myself from the company website, figuring that the mailing had gotten lost or delayed.

Tags: geocaching, new castle, pennsylvania, tax return, wilmington

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