Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western Kent County

Sunny and 70-75°F. Headed south towards Dover with an eye towards finishing more of the First State Challenge (FSC) series of geocaches but got sidetracked into touring western Kent County, near the MD/DE state line. Not necessarily a problem because I was going to visit those out-of-the-way geocaches eventually anyway. Ran into BenamBenam3 and JohnnyWalker19 at "FSC-2010 Clayton". I'm sure I've seen them before but at an event, not out at a cache site.

After hitting that last cache of the day, just a bit into Maryland, we went back to Dover to shop at Big Lots and ponder the weirdness of plush-lined Crocs. Then I used an Arby's coupon to get a roast chicken club sandwich.

Tags: arby's, big lots, geocaching, kent county
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