Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cecil, Chester, Lancaster

sitcorner-3 Sunny and 70-77°F, wbich turned to cloudy and 65°F in the late afternoon. Today didn't feel like a day for venturing far out. Fortunately, there were still a bunch of geocaches in nearby Cecil County that I haven't gone for yet. Started the day in Fair Hills and took a 2-mile hike for 4 geocaches. Then picked up a bunch of geocaches scattered around Elkton and Rising Sun. Then ventured up to Nottingham, PA, and headed a few miles west to get a toehold into Lancaster County.

"Scissors" was guarded by a ginger cat. When I arrived at the cache site and went to retrieve the cache, it walked away reluctantly, expressing a bit of irritation. When I checked the log book, I found out why. I was the third visitor today to this cache, so this cat was probably a bit ticked by then.

Tags: cecil county, chester county, geocaching, lancaster county
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