Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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Sunny and 60-65°F. Went out towards Lancaster to experience Pennsylvania Dutch culture and eat fried fish named after a fictional pirate, but didn't actually get to do the latter. Maybe next time. Did find many geocaches though. Almost all of today's caches were quick park and grabs just off the main road but I'm sure I'll see more types of caches on the next trip.

It's an interesting area. There is a lot of farmland on rolling terrain. Saw a number of Amish horse carriages out on the roads and even at one of the strip malls. (I guess they have to go shopping sometimes too.) Lowe's in Lancaster actually has a parking area for horses! It's a wooden shelter with a shovel and chunks of horse evidence on the ground.

Dinner was at Cici's Pizza in Lancaster because I saw it near one of the cache sites and because they do honor the current $3.99 buffet special. I had pizza, of course. Also salad, soup, brownies, and cinnamon buns. It still sucks that the Newark Cici's has closed but this is the same thing, only about 40 miles further. One thing I noticed is this Cici's closes earlier, at 9pm. Almost the whole town seems to shut down at that time too. This will be a problem in the Summer if I insist on geocaching right up to dusk. There will be no late-night shoo-fly pie buying!

The Mighty Maple (Pennsylvania )
Watch for lowe road apples (Pennsylvania )
Information Please (Pennsylvania )
The villains: Hamburglar and Captain Crook (Pennsylvania )
Please Don't Leave Without Me (Pennsylvania )
Walnuttown Duckling (Pennsylvania )
Coffeebreak Escape (Pennsylvania )
Erase Your Worries (Pennsylvania )
And the home of the... CV Little League (Pennsylvania )
The olde homestead (Pennsylvania )
Ronald McDonald, Grimace and friends (Pennsylvania )
perk up (Pennsylvania )
Keepers Cache (Pennsylvania )
Duke the Dragon (Pennsylvania )
On the Ninth Day of Christmas ... (Pennsylvania )
On the Tenth Day of Christmas ... (Pennsylvania )
Bullseye (Pennsylvania )
Carters ROCKS! (Pennsylvania )
A Good Knockoff (Pennsylvania )
Dutch country arches (Pennsylvania )
At the Gap (Pennsylvania )
Scene it all my life... (Pennsylvania )
eight pounds and a few shillings (Pennsylvania )
One is a lonely number (Pennsylvania )
Missy's cach (Pennsylvania )
HOBO box (Pennsylvania )

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