Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DE Furbowl 14

Lots of errands this afternoon. In particular, I had to get some air filters and a PVC cap because some things around the house already need replacing. Shopping took pretty much the whole afternoon, so as soon as I got home, I started getting ready to go to Delaware Furbowl 14, the monthly meet. Dinner this time was at East King Buffet. I think we only had around 62 people this time, as opposed to 102 last month, so we didn't crowd the restaurant. I noticed that the sushi almost ran out but that was the only thing in short supply. I had mostly seafood and a tower of ice cream.

After that, we went to AMF Price Lanes for the bowling portion of the meet. This meet keeps getting more and more organized every month! This time, we had volunteers to handle the bowling fees and direct people to bowling lanes. (We had subgroups for casual bowlers, serious bowlers, and fursuiters.) So everything went smoothly. I wore the husky fursuit, played two full games, and went around mingling with people both from the meet and the general crowd. I have no idea what the latter thought of the critters wandering around the bowling alley, but I'm pretty sure the photos will end up on Facebook somewhere. :)
Tags: bowling, east king buffet, furbowl, fursuiting
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