Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Dental Exam

Lion Drinking Fountain I made an appointment about two weeks ago and so today was the day I visited New Castle Dental Associates. Admittedly, the way I chose them wasn't the most sensible. Shortly after I moved in to this house, I received a card in the mail addressed to the previous homeowner from New Castle Dental. I figured I had nothing to lose since I was only going for a check-up/cleaning and dental insurance will be picking up the tab. So what the hey?

New Castle Dental is in one of the office buildings at a corporate campus. The first thing I noticed is it's a rather large practice taking up one wing of the second floor. They have a long corridor of examination rooms. Of course, I'm not sure what's normal since until now, the dental offices I've been to have been essentially one-man shows. I thought this visit went rather smoothly. I was seen promptly by a dentist and dental assistant for the check-up and x-rays and by a hygienist for the cleaning. One thing this dentist added to the exam was a test for oral cancer. None of my previous dentists ever did that, although perhaps they may have thought I wasn't at risk. While all that was going on, the staff got started on the insurance claim so when I was done, I was really done. Anyway, this was an above-average dental visit. No cavities, as usual, but also no bleeding/inflamed gums this time.
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