Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster II

Sunny and 60-64°F. Went geocaching in Lancaster County. I was planning on going to Lancaster city itself but went off a bit and ended up in Intercourse. (the town, not the... uhh... usual definition of the word :) ) Intercourse appears to be Amish Buggy Central. Those were all over the town and there were equally as many tourists looking at the buggies. It's an interesting place full of country stores, quilt stores, tourist traps, a petting zoo, and a good number of geocaches.

Also visited the towns of Upper Leacock, New Holland, and East Earl. At East Earl, one of the geocaches, "Smorgasboard C&D", was near the Shady Maple Smorgasbord, so I just had to go in to see this monstrosity of a buffet. Funny thing is I never heard the term "smorgasbord" being used until I started going to Lancaster County. It seems to be a popular thing around there. Well, this buffet is big! I didn't try the buffet today but I did sign up for their birthday offer, so we'll see. There's an extensive gift shop downstairs with a wide array of country kitsch. Strangely, there's another all-you-can-eat restaurant downstairs featuring a soup and salad bar. Wait a minute, is one all-you-can-eat not enough?

Dinner was fried fish at the fictional pirate restaurant (Long John Silver's, that is) in Lancaster. Haven't had that in a while.

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, long john silver's, shady maple smorgasbord
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