Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster III

Sunny and 70°F. Did another load of geocaches (25 in total) in Lancaster County. This time, we approached from the southeast and south via cache-dense areas in Strasburg and then Willow Street. Lancaster County Central Park alone was good for 7 geocaches and only a few of those required any kind of hike to speak of. I was very lucky on "Never Eat Food From A Little Chef". It's a 3.5-star difficulty cache that I spotted right away even though it was tiny and placed at a location with hundreds of possible hiding spots.

Saw a few more Amish buggies on the roads of Lancaster County. One buggy driver was very bold when crossing busy Route 896. I was watching the whole time and that buggy was a split-second away from getting clipped by a car. I also came across a cute junior buggy. Two kids were riding a small red buggy pulled by a miniature horse. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to photograph that one.

Dinner was at Long John Silver's in Lancaster again. I got a fish and more, this time with breaded fillets.

Hot off the Presses!! (Pennsylvania )
At the Manor (Pennsylvania )
For GeoMoxy (Pennsylvania )
Tom Ambrose Memorial (Pennsylvania )
All Roads Lead To Rome... (Pennsylvania )
Anhyzer in the Bush (Pennsylvania )
Mill Creek Cache (Pennsylvania )
On Blitzen.....The Reindeer Series (Pennsylvania )
Lancaster Central Park Bushwack (Pennsylvania )
Four (Pennsylvania )
A round of golf, Mr. Cooper? (Pennsylvania )
Mill Creek Micro (Pennsylvania )
It's Bionicle (Pennsylvania )
Tennis Anyone by "Candlelight" (Pennsylvania )
Happy Thanksgiving! (Pennsylvania )
KEN you DIG it? (Pennsylvania )
Cultural Shock (Pennsylvania )
Caching 101 (Pennsylvania )
Wildflower Meadow (Pennsylvania )
The Strasburg Splash Cache (Pennsylvania )
Never Eat Food From A Little Chef (Pennsylvania )
Train, train, go away...RR museum of PA (Pennsylvania )
"meeting up?" (Pennsylvania )
Manor church (Pennsylvania )
E.T.'s Retirement Celebration (Pennsylvania )

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, long john silver's, pennsylvania

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