Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park Sunny and 70°F. Had no real plan for today, other than to find some geocaches in Philadelphia and then go to Philadelphia Chinatown. What ended up happening is we went to FDR Park in South Philly, then to Gentilhommiere, the house of Girard, and then to beautiful Bartram's Garden and a few other places in West Philly, then to Eastern State Penitentiary and a few other locations in North/Northwest Philly, before entering Chinatown. So it turned out to be a day of geocache-directed sightseeing around the city.

After doing some shopping in Chinatown, we went to Banana Leaf for an early dinner. We had nasi lemak, roti canai, wonton mee, and curry tofu with rice. I would definitely have the nasi lemak again because there are a lot of interesting flavors in that one dish.

Tags: banana leaf, geocaching, philadelphia, philly chinatown

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