Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Goodbye to the Gecko

I began the process of switching my insurance from GEICO to AAA last month. My AAA auto, home, and umbrella policies started at the end of March and I received all the policy documents in the mail over the last week. So today, I called GEICO to cancel the insurance policies. I could only cancel my GEICO auto and homeowner's insurance over the phone. They told me I needed to write a letter to cancel the umbrella policy. Well, so much for their much-touted technology. It's worth making the switch. I'll save around $500 per year without reducing coverage. That's not a bad return for an hour or two of work, most of it performed by the insurance agent. I'll also be getting some money back from GEICO for canceling before the end of the policy period.

Did more weeding in the backyard this evening. Two more clumps of daffodils have started blooming. Now there are two clumps with white flowers and one clump with white flowers and orange trumpets. My neighbor doesn't have the latter type so it must have spread from further away.
Tags: aaa, geico, insurance, yardwork

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