Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Not-going-very-far Friday

Sunny then cloudy, 60°F. Much cooler weather today than it was yesterday. Had to drop off the yard waste and the yard waste collection site in Bear but after that, we went for a bunch of geocaches near the C&D Canal, one in Iron Hill Park, and two in Wilmington.

The last two cache sites were somewhat educational. "Aliens! 2" is in a park that is overrun by invasive alien plants. I don't know all the invasive species but I recognized the English ivy, privet, and garlic mustard. Privet is actually a common hedge plant back in the old country.

"A Cache for Whereabouts" is in Brandywine Springs Park, which used to be an amusement park in the early 20th century. Not much remains of the old amusement park structures but a historical preservation society has put up information boards explaining what used to be there.

Tags: brandywine springs, delaware, geocaching, iron hill park, wilmington
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