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Only one point away from century club at CyberSurfari. Gold certificate was enough but I had some time so I decided to push onwards. Was two points away earlier this evening because one website wasn't responding but that works now so I just snagged another point. The last point may not be attainable because there is one outpost reported not functioning on their 'updates' page. Oh well. Maybe that will get fixed before the contest ends.

Sanity finally prevails at work. Management convinced the customer to accept a solution involving some kind of workaround script. Since that was the only customer who wanted the feature anyway, I can shelve the design documents for this feature and go back to working on an ongoing long-term project that will be more fruitful. Ah, peace at last. I suspect this only means the madness will resume in a few months with a different customer but hey, live it one day at a time.

On the way home from work, I noticed a new sign giving a number 201-xxx-xxxx ext xxx for traffic information. To my recollection, there has never been a traffic jam on that road so I can't imagine what that recording would have to say. It's only a local road. Guess I'll just have to park nearby one day and get the number to find out.

Picked up the free after rebate item at Best Buy this evening. What I'm amazed about is the cash register prints out the rebate form together with the receipt! Wow! That ought to light a fire under CompUSA, whose most recent innovation was to stick little numbers on one of their circulars so you can find the rebate forms on their big board of rebates. Heheh.

Speaking of Best Buy, entering "best buy sucks" into google returns quite a number of Best Buy gripesites. This site is one of them. And yes, I am aware of a legal case a few years back where Best Buy had someone arrested for entering prices into his laptop. Perhaps it's not such a happy place. (understatement) Be careful.

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