Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Behind the Trenches

Utility workers dug up the street to put in the new gas pipeline and then filled it up again. They were done by early afternoon but I wasn't planning on going out anyway so I did some yardwork.

Spring growth is amazing. It took just over an hour of work to fill five bags with weeds and those weeds were just from the driveway side of the yard. After that, I checked some online plant listings to find out what those were. There was definitely a lot of purple deadnettle. It was growing in abundance in the shaded area by the side of the house. I've seen a few front yards around this neighborhood literally covered with it. I also saw some catchweed, bindweed, wild geranium, and wild onion. Didn't see nearly as much broadleaf plantain as I did last year, so semi-regular weeding does control some types of weeds.

Because state regulations required it, GEICO sent me an affidavit to fill out in order to cancel the auto insurance. They may not be expecting too many insurance cancellations from this state, so they haven't gotten all the bugs worked out yet. First, they provided a window envelope to return the form but there's no address on the form to show in the window of the envelope. Second, they didn't include the return address for this form anywhere in the mailing. I called them and found out that the actual address was a bit different from their usual "1 GEICO Blvd" address. Would've been easier if I could just scan and email it to them.
Tags: geico, insurance, utility work, weed id, yardwork

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