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Tri-state Caching and Lunacon Day 1

Yes, three states. Started early in the morning, found some geocaches in NJ, NY and CT, and then went to Lunacon for the rest of the day.

Flat Rock Preserve
I knew the back entrance to the park so that's where I went in. Short walk and easy find.

We Were Here
This park is between the Eastbound and Westbound lanes of the Pelham Parkway in the Bronx. I parked on the road next to the Pelham Parkway and the cache was only 100 feet away and all of that was just crossing roads. Very easy. Hope no one steals the cache as it is a very public area.

Box of Moonlight
This is another location with which I'm familiar as I've been here for the older incarnation of this cache. Short walk and after bushwhacking unnecessarily through a patch of mountain laurel, the cache was an easy and obvious find.

Hey! Leggo my Eggo
Nice walk right between the canal and the Housatonic River. Oddly enough, the canal still had ice on the surface.

Sarah says, "Shame about the view" Cache
This is the only long walk in the bunch. But it wasn't that hard despite all the upslopes on the way to the cache.

After finding five caches... oh, look at the time... better get to the hotel before too much of the day passes by. Of course, it would have helped if I remembered that I was going back on the Merritt Parkway and not I-95, and not gone down I-287 in the wrong direction.

Stopped at the local pizza place to get a slice or two. Some folks from the con walked by and the lady of the pizzeria sure thought the costumes were strange. One was in a flesh-colored bodysuit, a mask, a black cape and a black loincloth. Later, I was introduced to Damian by jbadger.

Went to the Dealer's Row but didn't buy anything. Also hung out at the con suite for a bit. Got one 20-minute session, long enough to log my geocache finds, in the Internet Room. Watched some Excel Saga in the anime room. And watched the masquerade, which started rather late. Then went to the I-CON room to chat with jbadger but didn't stay for the party.


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