Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Writer's Block: Question everything.

Do you often feel that random people ask you a lot of questions? Has anyone ever tried to ask you a lot of questions all at once? When people ask you a lot of questions all at once, do you ignore some of the questions? In those cases where someone asks you a load of questions, do you consider all the questions as one question, or maybe think of them as individual questions? After a lot of questions, if someone asks you to explain your answer, does that count as another question? Explain your answer.

No, random people tend not to ask me questions and that's good because with the kinds of things I'm into, there'd be no end of 'splaining. :)

Regarding the load of questions question, have you ever had a college final that was just one question but with 10 parts? Whether I would consider a bunch of questions to be one multi-part question or multiple questions would depend on whether the questions are connected somehow but there's no hard and fast rule.

Yes, asking for an explanation would count as a question if we were playing 20 Questions. Otherwise, would it matter?
Tags: writer's block
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