Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lawrenceville Jubilee

Did a mascot gig at Lawrenceville Main Street - Jubilee today. It was just skippyfox and me representing Hi-4 Entertainment this time but it wasn't a big event. From the outset, it looked like a bad day to perform outdoors -- it was raining. But we did it anyway. Had fun. Got wet from stepping in a few puddles. There was one casualty. A kid tried to do a jump-hug and accidentally knocked the tongue out of the husky costume head. I might actually not fix this because it's not an important part and now I have a ready-made excuse for not talking in fursuit. :)

Went to nearby Village Park after that to do two geocaches: It Takes a Village #1 and It Takes a Village #2. Then, skippyfox and I went to Lawrence Grill in Quaker Bridge Mall for food. I had a fish sandwich. On the way home, I hit Philly Chinatown for some groceries.
Tags: geocaching, lawrenceville, mascot gig, philly chinatown
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