Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster VII

Sunny and 66°F. Very windy. Went to Lancaster County for another geocache marathon. This time, I was in Manheim, then Lititz for a while, and then the northwest part of Lancaster city.

Ran into gogetitchuck twice today. He joined in the search for "Cache Clone 3". Then later, he arrived at the park for "Lancachers' Perel" and "Stinky 'Stoga Bean Pod" as I was leaving. Didn't meet anyone else the whole day. I'm thinking of going to an upcoming geocaching event in Lancaster to meet the rest of the locals and Lancaster-area regulars but it may be too soon after a busy weekend. Maybe next month. (which may be even busier. Drat.)

SKH - Dog Slog (Pennsylvania )
KL7K's First (Pennsylvania )
Cache Clone 1 (Pennsylvania )
Higher Learning (Pennsylvania )
The Coolest Place In Town (Pennsylvania )
B-day present for MLS (Pennsylvania )
What's the buzz? (Pennsylvania )
Simba's Stash 2 (Pennsylvania )
Kiss My Cache #1 (Pennsylvania )
Jingle Balls - Silver (Pennsylvania )
Jingle Balls - Black (Pennsylvania )
Nurses Have Heart (Pennsylvania )
Walk for your Heart (Pennsylvania )
Round-N-Round (Pennsylvania )
Kissel Hill Commons Cache (Pennsylvania )
popCORN and a movie (Pennsylvania )
Question? (Pennsylvania )
Going Nuts 2 (Pennsylvania )
501 and 722 (Pennsylvania )
Wildlife Pond (Pennsylvania )
On Vixen.....The Reindeer Series (Pennsylvania )
On Prancer.....The Reindeer Series (Pennsylvania )
Stinky 'Stoga Bean Pod (Pennsylvania )
Lancachers' Perel (Pennsylvania )
The Cove (Pennsylvania )
Cache Clone 3 (Pennsylvania )

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, pennsylvania

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