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10 Years - Northern DE, Southeastern PA, West Jersey

95°F and sunny. What a day! Went to 3 geocaching events and found lots of geocaches between and during events. First stop of the day was Bob Evans in Newark for the "!0 Years! Northern Delaware" event. I had a sausage biscuit bowl, which is more gooey than the picture implies. Then I headed up into Northeast Philly and found a few geocaches before going to Lorimer Park for the "10 Years! Southeastern Pennsylvania" event. There was quite a spread of picnic food and geocaching cake too. I brought donuts from the bakery outlet near home and surplus soda from some Pathmark special deals a while back. Midway though the event, groups of geocachers headed out to find two new geocaches in Lorimer Park. At the end of the event, there was a lot of food left over so I took home some bags of pretzels, chips, and cookies that would've been discarded anyway. These will be useful for snacking during cache marathons.

After the 2nd event, I headed out towards Abington and Willow Grove for more geocachers. This was the longest stretch of geocaching I did today, even though it was only about 4 hours. Most were pretty simple but there was one tricky geocache in the bunch. Ran into afklock near their two geocaches. It's the third time I saw them in two days. A wonderful surprise. When it got late enough in the evening, I headed over to Holiday Ice Cream in Beverly, NJ, for the 3rd event of the day, "10 Years! West Jersey". The place was packed! I don't think they ever built this ice cream parlor to handle such a large crowd of geocachers. I had ice cream, of course. I also won a door prize in the random drawing. I got a ready-to-hide ammo can. After the event, I found one more geocache in the dark before going home.

TulipGirls 10th Anniversary Happy Caching! (New Jersey )
10 Years! West Jersey (New Jersey )
Duck Xing - Southampton (Pennsylvania )
We found CANDY here! (Pennsylvania )
Woodmont TRAINING Ground (Pennsylvania )
The Big Yellow Cache (Pennsylvania )
Haircut for Two (Pennsylvania )
Allison Road (Pennsylvania )
A & F Woodsy Cache II (Pennsylvania )
A&F Woodsy Cache I (Pennsylvania )
Sit, take 5 an look around. II (Pennsylvania )
Food shopping (Pennsylvania )
Baederwood (Pennsylvania )
Eat At Joe's (Pennsylvania )
Fore! (Pennsylvania )
Lorimer Park Creekside (Pennsylvania )
Lorimer Park Melmar Magic (Pennsylvania )
10 years! Southeastern Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania )
See the Nice Kitty? (Pennsylvania )
Another Run For The Border (Pennsylvania )
O The Weather Outside Is ....... Micro ... (Pennsylvania )
10 Years! Northern Delaware, (Delaware )

Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, new jersey, northeast philadelphia, pennsylvania

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