Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

NJ Cachers Get Together

Got a late start today... partly because I was at Lunacon yesterday and got home a bit late. But no matter. Still managed to find 3 caches before the event.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery
I had no idea what unusual item I was supposed to find at the coordinates. No matter as the cache itself was easy to find without using a GPS. (It's an offset cache.)

In a Trunk on the River
Very straightforward dash and grab. I've been here before for another cache that has recently been archived and removed.

Cardinal Points
First time I've been to Herronton Woods in Princeton. Trails were all very muddy. There's an abandoned house and barn about halfway to the cache. Incidentally, this is the first cache I've had to rehide using a compass and those who've seen it know why.

Made it to the NJ CACHERS GET TOGETHER with a few minutes to spare before noon. Almost everyone was there but the host hadn't arrived. Got to meet a lot of cachers, including some whose logs I regularly see in South Jersey caches.

After lunch, I opted not to take part in the race, preferring instead to go after the new caches.

Found four new ones that aren't listed yet and one not-so-new one that is listed. Info sheets were handed out at the event.

Not a 2 bit cache:
Very quick and easy. I've seen this hiding technique before and you have to pay to get it, but not that much. I brought home the item I purchased.

Jailed Cache:
In Bordentown. Perilous walk at the edge of a collapsing sandy cliff. But an easy find.

Joseph Bonapart:
In Bordentown. Info sheet has warnings about bushwhacking but I didn't see what was so difficult about that. There were breaks in the mountain laurel and the hill wasn't impossibly steep. South Jersey cachers are softies! :)

Soccer Cache:
This one was way out in Allentown. Easy find at a... well, you know where it is from the name.

Mansfield Park
This is in... Mansfield, of course. Took a bit longer to find because the search space was partitioned into two by a wall of thorns and I started searching the wrong side first. But otherwise, it wasn't especially tricky.

In other news, jbadger has found the infamous He[[ G^te geocache. This is the second person I've told about the cache who has gone on to find it. It's odd that so few have gone for this cache. Randalls Island is actually pretty easy to get to by car, even if you don't live in NYC.
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