Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Day of Hiding

I didn't feel like looking for geocaches today, but since I had a few ready-to-hide geocaches sitting around the house, I thought I'd go and hide those somewhere. One thing about New Castle County is it's difficult to find any good park areas that don't already have geocaches. However, when I pulled up the geocaching map, I found 3 green spaces near home that were still uncached so I went to check those out.

I've been to Garfield Park already. It's where the local library is located. There aren't many trees and no woods at all in this park, so I had to settle for a microcache hide. The next location I took a look at is marked "Overview Garden" on the map. This is not a great piece of woods because of the trash and illegal dumping going on. Also, there weren't any good trails going into the woods. I went in maybe 100 feet and figured the thicket would protect the geocache.

The third area, Rose Hill Park, is the most promising cache site of the three, although I didn't think so at first. This park has several wooded areas. The first one had dense undergrowth. After going through that patch of woods and not finding any good hiding places, I crossed the field to another wooded area. This one is a lot better. Not nearly as much brush and this part actually has some trees with holes and a fallen tree trunk or two.

And that was all, since I only brought 3 cache containers. I should've brought a 4th container because I noticed another green area on the map just across the highway but I'll leave that for another time or for someone else to place a cache. I'd run out of time by then anyway and had to go grocery shopping.
Tags: cache hiding, delaware, geocaching
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