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Indiana Jones weekend, minus snakes and large rolling boulder, plus heavy traffic

Booted up the computer last evening and... "Operating system not found". Tried again with the same result. Thought it was finally a goner and I'd have to reinstall everything, but on closer inspection of the bootup messages, both hard disks were working. It was just trying to boot up from the wrong hard disk because the CMOS setup had unexpectedly changed. So, after fiddling around with that a bit, it booted fine. Whew! Maybe the battery needs changing. I'll have to take a look at that later.

This weekend was a double-8 geocache weekend. (I hear that's lucky. Heheh.) Yes, 8 caches on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. The hardest one was a cache that was about 100 ft off from where the GPS said the coordinates were and the whole area was full of Multiflora rose, a.k.a. that ^#@^&$#& bush with those ^$#&#$# thorns. None of the other caches posed any significant challenge but were nevertheless located in interesting places. Funny that no other cacher takes note of the ruins located in the parks of suburban NJ these days. Maybe it's because those are so common. I refer to them as houses I can finally afford. :)

The worst moment on the parkway was when another vehicle had a tire blow-up and swerved across my lane with only about 10-20 ft to spare. That was scary! There was no collision, thankfully.

On Sunday, there was a 10-mile traffic jam on Routes 47 and 347 in South Jersey. I knew how long it was because I was headed in the other direction to bag the last few caches. By the time I was headed back out of Beaver Swamp WMA, the traffic had backed up all the way there too! There was no option then but to take the parkway back home. (I'd arrived there via the turnpike and Route 55.) It was smooth sailing on the parkway until just north of the Great Egg Harbor where the traffic came almost to a standstill. Hmm... guess everyone went to the Jersey Shore for the weekend. I decided to take Route 9 north through the Atlantic City area but first stopped at the Arby's in Northfield that I found just the weekend before. A giant roast beef sandwich, curly fries and a root beer sure hit the spot. Route 9 went north for a number of miles and then detoured back onto the parkway. By then traffic was flowing well so it was okay. However, the Monmouth County stretch was also backed up, so I had to take Route 18 back to the turnpike to get home. Worst traffic ever, or at least I don't think it was ever that bad before.

I think I'll try some Connecticut caching next weekend.

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