Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Newark to Middletown

A bit cloudy today. So... yard work or geocaching? How about both? So I went out and got some nearby geocaches in Newark and Glasgow, and then headed down to Middletown-Odessa for a few more. Also managed to do two Middletown geocaches that I couldn't get earlier this year because of various problems. "Feeling Like a Kid Again" is at a playground on the play equipment, so I have to get it when no one is around. That was a problem when I went there last month but not a problem today as that part of the park was, for reasons unknown, completely deserted.

The most challenging cache today was "Over the river and through the woods". It's on the other side of a river so I needed to wade across. That's not so much of a problem now as the water isn't too cold. I removed my shoes and socks and rolled my pants up to my knees. I brought a pair of non-skid slippers so I wore those for the river wading. The water was moving pretty quickly so I had to face upriver a bit to go straight across, but I made it to the other side without a problem. The second part of the challenge was the cache turned out to be on private property. While I was at the cache site, a guy came out into the clearing and asked what was going on. After I explained, he said he didn't want the cache there. So I took it with me and went back into the woods. While walking on the trails back towards the river, I saw an interesting spot and decided to rehide the cache there. Posted the new coordinates right there and then using my cell phone so that the cache page would be up to date.

Once I was done with 8 geocaches, there was still some daylight left. So I went home and started on the weeding. Continued the yard work after dark using my LED headlight but stopped when the mosquitoes came out. By then, I'd done enough weeding to fill a contractor bag so I'll take that to the yard waste site soon.

Tags: delaware, geocaching, yardwork
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