Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

FSC Event and Seaford

Sunny, 78°F, and very windy. I went to the First State Challenge 2010 Event at Uno Chicago Grill in Dover. Since I'd found all the First State Challenge geocaches, I picked up my certificate and pathtag at the event. Didn't feel like having too much to eat so I ordered onion strings, an appetizer, but that turned out to be quite a lot anyway.

After that, I continued 36 miles down US-13 towards Seaford, where there were many geocaches I hadn't done yet. Couldn't drive too fast because of the strong wind. Then when I found each cache, I had to bring it back into the car to sign in so the wind won't blow the log sheet away. Chose mostly easy geocaches today. I'll probably try the harder ones the next time I go to Seaford.

Tags: delaware, dover, geocaching, geocaching event, seaford, uno chicago grill
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