Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster VIII - Lititz

Sunny and 55-60°F. Colder than yesterday and just as windy. Went to Lancaster and found a few geocaches there. While I was going for "Happy Pi Day!", I kept hearing truck horns in the distance. As I was driving to the next cache site, I found out why. There was a Mother's Day Truck Convoy going down US-30. People had parked their cars all around the New Holland Avenue / US-30 interchange to watch the convoy. I went a bit further down the road to "RCA", which was just behind the staging area for the trucks.

Since the police had closed off some of the roads for the convoy, I decided to go north to Lititz instead. There were many geocaches in downtown and residential Lititz that I hadn't visited yet. The best caches from today's batch are the "Nanny Nano Boo Boo" series: 3 tiny geocaches artfully adapted to look like part of the structures on which they were placed. I didn't have any trouble figuring them out though. Only #2 took a little while to find because I didn't know which part of the wooden platform to focus on at first.

Finished up a bit earlier than usual because I was getting tired of being blown around in the wind. I went to Long John Silver's in Lancaster and had a chicken and fish variety platter, a substantial meal for which I had a $2-off coupon from a previous visit to this LJS.

Tags: geocaching, lancaster, lititz, long john silver's, truck convoy

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