Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster IX - East Petersburg, East Hempfield

Cloudy and cool day, but not too windy. 64°F. Did a Lancaster run today because I probably won't have time for that this weekend. It was surprising that I managed to bang out 26 finds even though I didn't leave home until around noon. Of course, it helped that there was one park in East Hempfield with 9 geocaches! (from "Happy 4th of July, Luddy13" to "Missie's Cache" in the list)

I was a bit leery about "An Apple in Eden" because several online logs mentioned having run-ins with security there. But since I was at the Sheetz store next door, I decided to try it anyway. When I got there, I couldn't imagine why there'd be a problem. It's a hotel parking lot with people coming and going all the time. I guess if you hang out there for a long time, it may seem suspicious but I wasn't there for that long myself.

The amusement of the day was at "Only in Lancaster #5", which is right behind an auto repair shop in East Petersburg. After I found the cache, someone from inside the shop came out and told me he'd seen 4 or 5 people looking for the cache. Then I showed him the log sheet with at least 50 names and he thought that was amazing. In fact, there are over 280 online found logs, which means a whole lot of people have snuck around back there undetected. :) Seriously, their back window has a full view of the cache site so I'm sure they all know about the cache already but they're nice and didn't disturb it. What I'm seeing a lot of in this area is locals know about geocaches in their neighborhood even though they don't go geocaching themselves.

Don't Break the Glass (Pennsylvania )
GIANT cache (Pennsylvania )
bridging the gap # 2 (Pennsylvania )
Peanuts Cache (Pennsylvania )
Where everybody knows your name (Pennsylvania )
Missie's Cache (Pennsylvania )
PaDC #2 Cache to Cub Scouts, Treasures of Scouting (Pennsylvania )
Crayon Tour - Red Hot (Pennsylvania )
Tessie's Cache (Pennsylvania )
Iffie's Cache (Pennsylvania )
Dunie's Cache (Pennsylvania )
Krissie's Cache (Pennsylvania )
Kelly's Cache (Pennsylvania )
Happy 4th of July, Luddy13 (Pennsylvania )
Bondage Tree (Pennsylvania )
Trache (Pennsylvania )
Twisted Bufflehead (Pennsylvania )
Tank Lot (Pennsylvania )
On Donner.....The Reindeer Series (Pennsylvania )
Only in Lancaster #5 (Pennsylvania )
Round-N-Round II (Pennsylvania )
Crayon Tour - Green with Envy (Pennsylvania )
Wildlife Pond 2 (Pennsylvania )
Another one in Overlook (Pennsylvania )
Johnson Never Imagined (Pennsylvania )
An Apple in Eden (Pennsylvania )

Tags: geocaching, lancaster

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